Caritas Ambassadors Make a Bear for each class

On Tuesday 5th September our newly appointed Caritas Ambassadors were tasked with their first mission to walk to Build a Bear.  They each made a Bede’s Bear for every class in school.  The Bear says, “Stay with us Lord on our journey”, when the paw is pressed.  The bear will stay with them throughout their journey at St. Joseph and St. Bede and they can talk to it whenever they feel the need.

They made a video of the mission to show the classes how their ‘Buddies’ became real.

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Caritas Ambassadors 2017-2018

Welcome to our new Caritas Ambassadors for 2017-2018.

Dear Caritas Ambassador

It has always been at the very foundation of our Christian Faith that we not only profess our faith and belief in the love of God but that we express that Faith in an active care and love for our neighbour.  If we claim to believe in the Gospel and ignore the plight and suffering of others around us then we have made our Faith an empty and useless vessel.

As Caritas Ambassadors you have made a very generous commitment to put your Faith into practical action; caring for those in need and fighting the disease of poverty that so threatens the well-being of our society and our world.  You have recognised the innate dignity of every person and are showing the way to others how we respond to people’s needs.  Thank you for what you are doing and for the sign and the witness that you give.

There are tough challenges ahead but there are always the opportunities to bring the love of God the others through our actions The Caritas Ambassadors are showing us all, by example, how we can make our world a better place

† Bishop John Arnold


Keep posted to see all the work that our wonderful team complete this school year.


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